Coupon Promo Skilled Sweepstakes Rules




Sweepstakes Description: This sweepstakes is intended to help promote and advertise (the “Website”) operated by Coupon Promo, LLC (“Sponsor”) and consumer products sold through the Website.Sponsor also sells coupons redeemable on the Website for products on the Website via CouponPromo terminals located at participating retailers in North Carolina. You may enter this sweepstakes one of two ways: by buying coupons redeemable on the Website (“Product Coupons”) or by free mail in entry. Entry is described in more detail below. This sweepstakes runs for a set period of time which is identified at the Website.  Sponsor reserves the right to terminate, suspend, extend or otherwise modify the sweepstakes.


Eligibility: This sweepstakes is only open to individuals who are 18 or older at time of entry, is void where prohibited by law, and  is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Employees of Sponsor and its affiliates are not eligible to win. The purchase of a product from the Website is independent of, and has no effect, in or on this sweepstakes.


Enter by Buying a Product Coupon: You may enter this sweepstakes by purchasing one or more non-refundable Product Coupon(s). Each Product Coupon corresponds to an entry into this sweepstakes. The coupons may be dispensed at a CouponPromo  terminal or by an attendant from a point of sale Coupon Promo terminal.  Entries also may be obtained without a purchase as described below.


No Purchase Method of Entry: To receive free promotional entries equivalent to a $1.00 purchase of Product Coupons by mail, you must send Sponsor in writing (on any size paper) the following information: your name, age, street address, city, state, zip code and telephone number. Mail this request to Coupon Promo, LLC, Attention: NC Sweepstakes,3450 Corporate Way, Duluth, GA  30096. Each 3x5 card must be mailed in its own separate outer envelope (i.e., limit one request code per envelope).  Sponsor will reimburse you for the cost of a first class postage stamp or give you a stamp.  Incomplete, incorrect, illegible, lost, misdirected or damaged requests for a free entry request code are invalid. Please allow up to four weeks to receive your free entry code(s). To use the code, you must visit a CouponPromo terminal from which the request code was obtained. You must press the “Enter No Purchase Redeem Code” button on the screen and enter your code on the pop-up key pad.


Prizes, Games and Odds of Winning:  Only cash and gift certificates are available as prizes (see each CouponPromo terminal for details). Not every entry will win a prize. You may instantly reveal your entries, or play a fun game that is dependent on your skill and dexterity to see if you have won a prize. Each promotional terminal has several different games to play and each game may be played at various levels (i.e., groups of entries). The prizes for each level and the instant reveal option may be different. Please refer to the rules screen in each game regarding the details of that game and total amount of prizes and winners available in a fully loaded game. The promotion you enter, odds of winning and the prizes available will depend on the game selected and the level selected.


To Claim a Prize: Prizes must be redeemed at the retail location where the CouponPromo terminal is located and must be redeemed before you leave the premises. All prize winnings are subject to verification. Prizes are not transferable and no substitution of prizes is permitted. Prizes awarded from malfunction are not valid. Any discrepancy regarding the authenticity of prize winnings shall be decided by the retail location and all decisions are final. The sweepstakes entries have no cash value. Prize winners may be required to show proof they are 18 or older.


Taxes: All federal, state, and local taxes on prizes are the sole responsibility of the winner.


Changes to the Games:  Sponsor reserves the right to change, modify and update the games available on the CouponPromo terminal without notice. Sponsor or its designee at the location of the terminal may terminate or invalidate entries or prizes if misconduct or technical difficulties destroy, corrupt or otherwise affect the integrity of the system.

                rev. 2017-08-22-01   110178-5594


Limitation of Liability: To the extent permitted by law, entrants by participating in the promotion agree that Sponsor and the retailers where CouponPromo terminals are located and their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents shall have no liability and shall be held harmless by entrants for any injury, damage, loss or

WBD (US) 50301180v1


liability to person or property, due in whole or part, directly or indirectly, by reason of the acceptance, possession, use or misuse of prizes or participation in the promotion. To the extent permitted by law, entrants hereby waive all rights to claim punitive, incidental and consequential damages and any other damages.